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Dental Appointments for Children in Rohnert Park, CA

As a family dentist, Dr. Chiang wants to help as many patients as possible get effective dental care, regardless of their age. Our practice is able to see patients as young as three years old in most circumstances and coordinates care with pediatric dental specialists when appropriate. Robert Y. Chiang, DDS, Inc. provides children’s dental appointments in Rohnert Park, Petaluma, Cotati, and the surrounding communities. Schedule an appointment today for care for the whole family.

Our Approach to Childhood Dental Care

Establishing a positive outlook in children receiving dental care is a critical part of seeing younger patients. The more pleasant of an experience a child has at a dental practice, the more likely they are to continue seeing a dentist as adults. In turn, this means that they are more likely to keep a healthy smile throughout their lives.

Our dental practice in Rohnert Park is great with kids, helping them grow comfortable with seeing the dentist. Dr. Chiang is able to help younger patients feel more relaxed during dental visits by describing their care in a language they can understand, making them feel more in control of their oral health care. He also takes great care to make each treatment performed as comfortable as possible, especially when receiving x-rays. With parental consent, our practice can provide nitrous oxide to help particularly anxious children relax during dental care. Additionally, as a reward for their good behavior during their visit, children can get a prize out of the surprise box after their appointment.

Services Available for Children

While dental exams and cleanings are largely similar for patients of every age, a child’s dental appointment requires an extra level of care from our dentist. Because they are still learning how to properly care for their smile, children are more susceptible to tooth decay than adults. Additional steps need to be taken to keep a child’s smile healthy and strong.

After a child goes through their dental appointment, Dr. Chiang can apply fluoride and sealants as appropriate. Fluoride is a mineral that strengthens the enamel, making them more resistant to the bacteria that cause tooth decay. While adults can get their fluoride from a variety of sources, children must have a dental professional apply their fluoride in order to prevent overexposure. Sealants, on the other hand, are plastic coatings that prevent food debris from adhering to the molars. Because food debris—especially from sugary foods—feed the bacteria that cause decay, sealants prevent bacterial buildup and subsequent decay on the teeth they cover.

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Robert Y. Chiang, DDS, Inc. provides children’s dental appointments near Rohnert Park. For more information about how we help your children stay healthy, call our dental practice today.

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