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Dr. Robert Chiang and his staff want their patients to receive the highest quality care that we can deliver. As such, we ascribe to a list of values that allow us to best ensure the effectiveness of all treatments we offer. Robert Y. Chiang, DDS, Inc. follows strict principles to provide family dental care in Rohnert Park, Petaluma, Cotati, and the surrounding communities.

Compassion for Our Patients

We understand that visiting the dentist is not a comforting experience for everyone. Whether due to poor previous experiences or other stresses in life, some patients can have a difficult time become relaxed while seeing a dentist.

Dr. Chiang takes whatever steps he can to fully understand and address these concerns. Our dentist in Rohnert Park wants everyone who visits him to be able to relax and receive comfortable quality dental care. This includes offering nitrous oxide to patients with strong anxieties, giving them the opportunity to receive treatments they may otherwise not have otherwise been able to get.

Honesty and Integrity

The office of Robert Y. Chiang, DDS, Inc. strives for honesty and integrity with all patients. Dr. Chiang’s treatment planning is a perfect example of this approach. These health recommendations are solely focused on what treatment a patient needs, and any available options which provide effective results as applicable. When presenting the treatment plan, he is upfront about why he recommends certain procedures, why he does not recommend others, and what alternatives are available from the standpoint of effective treatment.

Dr. Chiang also provides second opinions on existing treatment plans patients may have been previously told they have to undergo. He can help make sure that the treatments you receive are the ones you truly need.

Protecting the Quality of Care

Dentistry is often about the small details. Less than a millimeter in width can be the difference between an improperly sized crown and a restoration that meets your exact restorative needs. As such, a dentist who pays close attention to the little things is a dentist that provides effective dental care.

Dr. Chiang is meticulous, efficient and takes the time and effort to properly provide treatment for each and every patient. He makes sure everyone leaves our practice fully satisfied with the care they receive.

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